Friday, February 5, 2010

What's next ?

Now that Ultimate Alaska X is released, I wanted to mention upcoming projects.

1) Official UTX Europe patch
We had already started on a UTX Europe patch. Most of the work will be a near complete reworking of Ireland. In addition, we will address other reported enhancement requests.

2) Unofficial UTX Europe Traffic patch
Based on user requests, we will work on a traffic patch for Europe that removes the traffic from major roads. For some people, this was causing too big of a performance issue. This is not an official patch and will overwrite the current traffic files.

3) Official UTX Canada Patch
Canada will be next up for a patch. This will included user requests + a reworking of the glacier area near the borders with Alaska.

4) Official UTX USA patch.
The UTX Usa patch will address user enhancement requests.

After the slew of patches, we will start on our new product line (formally Project X), which will give the USA, Canada and Europe the same accurate urban modeling as seen in our new Alaska product. These will be separate products that will work with the UTX (Ultimate Terrain X) products to enhance them. They will not be upgrades or replacements. UTX will not be required for these new products. But, it will be recommended for the most accuracy.

Thanks for all the positive comments on Alaska ! It's a pretty special product and a beautiful area to fly.

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