Friday, December 11, 2009

3 1/2 months later......

I knew that it had been a while since I updated the blog. However, I honestly figured that it had been a month or two. Wow, time sure flies when you are busing working on the same task for months on end.

The blog is not dead, even though it may have seemed like it for a while. The reason for the lack of updates, is that there has been nothing new to report despite all the work being done. More specifically, I personally have been really busy tweaking the new software that creates the 3D models for the Alaska terrain. And, the rest of the time was spent finishing up the 220+ cities, towns and villages that are being modeled for Alaska. We have repositioned nearly 100 default FSX Alaska airports that clashed with the more accurate terrain environment we are providing. All this is being done for Alaska in addition to the detailed water, roads and other features normally present in our Ultimate Terrain line.

Alaska is going to be one feature rich scenery product. Because of the unique terrain in Alaska, we wanted to put our best efforts into creating something visually special. While there is no official release date yet, things are getting close. January ? That would be a nice way to start the year. Stay tuned. And, if you have not seen screenshots for this product yet, you can find them at the Ultimate Terrain support forum (

As of today, the screenshots are a couple of months old. But, there should be lots of new shots going up in the next few days or so. Thanks for your patience on this product. But, it should be worth the wait. We are certainly excited about getting this product to you.