Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog days of August...

While some of you may be enjoying terrific weather right now. Here in Texas, we are beaten down by the usual August heat, anxiously awaiting the first cool breeze from a early September cool front.

So, the hot weather is keeping us inside, working away on existing and upcoming products.

First, on August 5, we released a small patch for UTX Europe to bring it to version 1.3. You can get the patch on the Scenery Solutions download page for FSX.


As most of our users already know, we have not been doing any FS9 development for several years now. And, we really don't expect this to change. We just don't have the time or staff to actively continue projects for an outdated sim, even though there are still a lot of FS9 users that have never made the switch to FSX.

With the above being said, some of our users have taken it upon themselves to make patches or improvements for UT/FS9. And, they have agreed to share their work with others. We will try and make some of them available at the Scenery Solutions download site for FS9 as "Unofficial" releases. On August 17, we posted 3 small patches by Hasse Ramberg that will address a couple of issues in Canada and Europe for FS9 (UT versions). You can get them at the UT FS9 download link below:


What about Ultimate Alaska ? Well, that is still the #1 priority and a lot has been accomplished in the last month. We hope to have the "Utimate Terrain" portion of this product ready for testing in a couple of weeks. Then we will begin to add the objects based on the newer technology that has been discussed here and in the forums. Personally, I am shooting for an Ultimate Alaska product release in late-oct to early-nov of this year, if we can keep up the current pace on this project.

Cheers !