Friday, July 24, 2009

Alaska, Europe and some time off...

Ultimate Alaska continues to be the primary focus. We probably won't have any real breaking news on this product, until the screen shots start appearing (6 to 8 weeks ???).

The UTX Europe patch has just been completed and tested. However, since I am leaving on summer holiday and will be unavailable until August 2, we will hold off on releasing the patch until my return.

Nothing more to report for now. But, I just wanted to check in for anybody following the blog.

See you in a few weeks....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alaska Ho!

The Scenery Solutions team continues to focus its efforts on the upcoming Ultimate Alaska product. We are about 90% of the way thru the process of digitizing and cleaning up the Alaskan Road and Water data. This is a very large (and tedious) step. I can't wait to start working on the little details for Alaska. I really feel this is going to be a beautiful product. And, it will demonstrate the new technology that we are working on for the cities, towns and smaller outposts.

Another week or so and we should have our initial compile of the Alaskan roads and water ready. Holger is on vacation in Europe until August. So, we will have to wait another month or so for him to add his special touches to the product, especially the glaciers.

I have no idea when Ultimate Alaska will be released. But, I am hoping for Sept/Oct if things continue to go well.

Outside of Alaska, there is another small project that we are working on. This consists of a patch for UTX Europe. The patch will not provide all the requested enhancements that we recieved. Instead, it will focus on 2 of the more important issues right now, which is improving some of the landclass textures used and supplying the missing Greek Islands near the coast of Turkey. On a related note, we will soon be releasing a special version of the UTX Europe landclass textures that have been fine-tuned to work precisely with the upcoming GEX Europe product.

Thats all for this week.....